Jim flying the 2000



Pilot Training

Mr. McGinley maintains pilot-in-command FAR 135 & 61.58 currency in:

  • F900EX EASy: March, 2020
  • F2000EX EASy: August, 2020
  • F7X/8X EASy: April, 2020

He is London City trained in both the F7X and F900EX EASy aircraft.

Additional Courses

  • 03/20-Scott International Procedures Initial/Recurrent (results)
  • 03/20-AIRCARE Facts Pilot Emergency Procedures 1-day (results)
  • 02/20-CPR/AED (results)
  • 01/19-Falcon 8X/EASy3 Differences (results)
  • 10/15-F2000 EASy II 2nd Cert. ( results)
  • 08/15-F2000S/LXS Differences (results)
  • 01/14-ADS-B/CPDLC (results)



New Falcon 2000S on the ramp of Olaya Herrera Airport, Medellin, Colombia. (Sept., 2014)

Mr. McGinley spent 3 months on assignment in Bogota training the company president and line pilots en Espanol. All passed checkrides in the aircraft with the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority.

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